Roofing SEO

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roofing seo

Our Roofing SEO Process

Here is the process we take to ensure our roofing clients are successful.

Discover Opportunities

Where your roofing website and SEO stands today is the starting point.  We audit every aspect of not only your practice, but also your competitors.

  • Technical Audit: Reviews the backend of the website for SEO.
  • Content Audit: Review your content for quality and keyword density.
  • Backlink Audit: Review the backlinks to your site for spam and value.
  • Competitive Audit: Review what is making other firms rank number one.

Discover Opportunities


Once we identify where the site stands today, we build out the plan to get your site ranked number one.  We also front load this process to get the quickest result possible.

  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Website Speed Optimization


On-site Optimization

For the fastest results possible, on-page SEO changes must be done quickly.  Within the first month, we implement the following changes as needed.

  • Meta Changes (Title Tags, H Tags, and Description Tags)
  • Page Load Speed
  • Keyword Usage Changes
  • Internal Linking and Silo Structure.

On-site Optimization

Content Marketing

Promoting your roofing company means the your website shows up when potential customers ask roofing questions.   We do this through the website’s blog.

  • Content Ideation (What are your people searching for?)
  • Professional Content Writing
  • Content is optimized and uploaded to the site
  • Use content for link building opportunities.

Content Marketing

Analysis and Reporting

Reporting is provided monthly to show wins and losses.  Yes, we provide both.  We also use these reports to update our strategy to ensure success for your law firm.

  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Organic Traffic
  • Conversions (Forms and Calls)
  • Overall Website Growth

Analysis and Reporting

Roofing companies rely on organic search traffic to drive business. Without it, it’s hard to generate new leads consistently. 


That’s where roofing SEO helps. It’s a range of techniques designed to help your firm attract paying customers searching for roofing vendors online. Ranking high in regular search results and Maps can provide you with more lucrative leads. 

Drive Traffic and Leads to Your Website

SEO in the Roofing Niche Requires Many Components

When you think of doing SEO for your roofing company, you may think its just rankings. Well that isn't the case. In order to convert the traffic from SEO, you may also need.

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Expert Team That Only Work With Roofing Clients
  • Review Site Conversion Rate
  • Answer Top Questions For Potential Customers

Free SEO Audit

    How A Roofing SEO Company Can Grow Your Business

    Roofing SEO is a proven and cost-effective way to grow your business. Traditionally, SEO agencies would attract valuable traffic to your site with on- and off-page optimization, link building, technical improvements, and fresh website content. However, nowadays, professionals also focus on local citations, custom content, and Google Business Profile optimization to target people living nearby. 

    Roofing SEO begins with keyword research. We identify keywords with the most commercial intent in your local area and craft page content around them.

    For example, keywords such as “roofing professionals near me” or “roofing contractors in Chicago” are search terms customers use when they want roofing services. We don’t target keywords like “information about roofs” since users are unlikely to search for roofing services directly. 

    Next, we perform on-page optimization. This service ensures you include the right keywords and content while checking that your website offers a quality user experience. Remember, 89 percent of users consider switching to a competitor’s website if they have a negative experience. 

    After that, we adjust your Google Business Profile to make it more SEO-friendly and appealing to customers. Your business will feature prominently on Google Maps, one of the first places prospective clients will look for roofing businesses in the local area. The higher you rank here, the more visible you will be and the more likely it will convert. 

    Lastly, we craft quality content for your site. Roofing SEO blogs should appeal to customers at every stage of the marketing funnel, including awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. Therefore, our content helps you attract new customers while retaining existing ones. 

    Roofing SEO Pros

    The benefits of roofing SEO services are considerable. 

    Boost Your Credibility

    Roofing SEO can dramatically improve how customers perceive your brand. Instead of relying on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can prove to customers that you meet Google’s standards to rank well in organic results. Users prefer clicking organic results 94 percent of the time, compared to 6 percent for paid ones. 

    It Improves Your Content Marketing

    Roofing SEO and content marketing work hand in hand. Creating better content improves your SEO, which you can use to drive more blog traffic, and so on. 

    Roofing content should be high-quality and original, offering users value they can’t get elsewhere. It should also contain the keywords you want to target.

    It Complements PPC Campaigns

    Roofing SEO also improves the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. Having paid and organic results appear on the top of search pages improves your credibility and visibility even more, helping to attract additional traffic. 

    It Gives You A Competitive Advantage

    Another reason for investing in roofing SEO is that your competitors probably aren’t. Many local roofing firms rely on word-of-mouth for winning business, meaning that they miss out on opportunities online. As such, the field is often wide open, letting you pick up new leads easily at your rivals’ expense. 

    It Lets You Attract More Customers

    Getting help from a roofing SEO company also lets you attract more customers. You can appeal to virtually anyone online seeking roofing services instead of just those who already know about your business. Targeting a list of keywords improves search visibility and ensures you attract the right kind of leads for the services you offer. 

    It Makes Your Website Experience Better

    Clunky websites can harm your roofing company’s ability to attract and retain customers. If your pages load slowly or display error messages, users are much more likely to click back to search results. 

    Roofing SEO prevents this by making your on-page optimization more user-friendly, responsive, and stable. Over time, Google detects that you offer your customers a great experience, leading to higher rankings for competitive keywords. 

    It Improves Your Google Business Profile

    Lastly, roofing SEO improves your Google Business Profile. It signals to the search engine that you offer relevant services for its customers. A better profile increases the likelihood your roofing firm will appear in local search results.

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