Senior Living


The senior living industry can be competitive and that’s why it’s imperative to have an SEO strategy that is both effective and consistent.

Providers need to rank high on Google to stay competitive because potential residents have so many options to choose from.

A simple search of “senior living centers” will deliver many viable options in your city and multiple Google Ads at the very top of SERP.

Most online users don’t navigate to the second page of Google so it’s important to grab a potential resident’s attention right away.

In this case study, we’ll discuss how we helped a Kentucky-based senior living center grow its ranking keywords by 4,000% thanks to our SEO campaign. By doing this, we also grew their traffic by 2,338%.

Keep reading below to find out exactly how we did it.

4,000%% Increase in Ranking Keywords

2,338%% Increase in Organic Traffic

6 Months% Term

$3,500% Monthly Budget

How We Met and Goals

Background Our Founder, Marcus, met these folks at a healthcare conference. They are a senior living center in Kentucky offering independent living, assisted living, short-term rehab, and hospice care for the elderly. This client wanted to expand web traffic to reach more potential clients and improve its ranking to build brand awareness. SEO optimization could help with both of these goals! Their target market is adults 45-65 seeking assisted living centers for elderly parents or relatives. Patients were one audience but so were their younger children or relatives who were researching facilities online. We noticed they had a functional website and a blog that had been launched a year earlier. Both of these items would make our job easier. Once enrolled in our SEO services, we were able to conduct a complete audit on the client’s site and find out exactly what holes needed to be plugged in their senior living SEO game.

  • Increase Targeted Keyword Rankings
  • Increase Leads
  • Increase Revenue
  • Grow Overall Site Visibility

Competitive Gap Analysis

Part of our audit process reviews the competitors and identifies gaps between the client site and those ranking in the top 3. Senior living centers need a state license to operate. Therefore, we knew exactly how many assisted living centers were competing with our client: 256! Not all of these centers provide the same care and service as our client but many are vying for the same potential residents. Websites, on the other hand, compete for the same keywords. A similar center in a neighboring city or state could be a top competitor. But not always because Google does take search location into account. We learned that this client has 49 online competitors or domains trying to rank for the same keywords. For example, one competitor had 1,141 keywords in common with our client. They only ranked for 93 unique keywords. It would be safe to say that this site is very similar to our client’s. Others were on the opposite side of the spectrum, one ranking for 19,163 unique keywords that our client didn’t have. Examples of the keywords we found included: “alzheimer’s care” “nursing homes near me” “types of dementia” “bed rails for seniors” “walkers for elderly” What do we do with this information? Our senior living SEO team will look through competitor domains and select keywords that will help our client rank higher.

  • Found over 1,000 Additional Target Keywords
  • Found Content Modification Opportunity
  • Target Keywords Equal Quality Leads
  • Increased Blogging To Accommodate New Topics

The Senior Living SEO Strategy

So how did we do it? Simple. we built out an aggressive, yet safe, SEO strategy to increase overall rankings, and the rankings of the client's target keywords. This client is an SEO results guarantee client so the strategy needed to be front loaded.

  • Increase in Monthly Blogs
  • Increase in Monthly Guest Posts
  • Update Web Copy
  • Press Release Distribution


After all of the hard work we put in for this senior living center through our SEO campaign development we were proud to present them with these amazing results! What they needed was more traffic and that’s exactly what we delivered! By the start of 2020, we had increased their traffic from 150 to 1,632 monthly visitors. Today, the client is getting 3,658 monthly visitors.

  • Increased Traffic from 150 to 1,632 Monthly
  • Client is Currently Seeing Over 3,000 Visitors/Month
  • Increased Leads
  • Better Sales Calls