Local Law Firm Case Study


In Local SEO, we have to tackle two algorithms – the Organic and Maps algorithms – which can make optimizing strategies complex. Maps algorithm is particularly difficult as it depends on multiple data sets and the algorithm’s definition of a specific location. Moreover, the local algorithm is continually evolving, making the map pack a moving target.

The SEO strategy for law firms is usually divided into two parts: the local pack and localized organic results. The legal niche is highly competitive, as it is also one of the most lucrative niches. It’s easy to see why legal services are so competitive when you look at the projected revenue of over $348 billion in 2024, with only a small number of searches, according to a report by Statista.

The issue with this particular campaign was that the listing did not rank in the top 20 for most target keywords. There were many established law firms in the area (as shown in the screenshot), and the listing was weaker compared to these competitors.

334%% Increase in organic site traffic

414% % Increase in phone calls

26.8%% Decrease in bounce rate

$5,000% Monthly Budget

Recap Of The Results

Over the course of 5 months we worked hard to increase rankings that made sent for our local law firm client. We offered our guaranteed SEO if they signed a 6 month contract. Thankfully, because we front load our SEO sprints for these clients, we were able to get results within 5 months. These are those results.

  • 414% increase in phone calls
  • 351% increase in website visits
  • 384% increase in views on maps 6.2k
  • 274% increase in views on search (5.1k)

Campaign Challenges

When the client initially approached us, he had no map visibility for the keywords they wanted to target. So we ran a Local SEO Audit and looked into the potential issues the client could face. We also did a thorough analysis of the niche and competition within the targeted location, which is how we found the densely populated area.

  • Brand name inconsistencies
  • Other lawyers showing for the same address. The address is at a shared office space
  • Possum filter in the same building
  • Highly Competitive Niche

How We Addressed The Challenges

To complete all this work, we decided on an aggressive plan – the “High Competitive Niche” ($5,299/month) package in order to tackle as many areas as possible. Our success proved this campaign level to be the right approach. We completed the NAP, Google Business, and Location Page Audit in the first month and added the campaign to our trackers. Next, we fixed NAP inconsistencies, optimized Google My Business (GMB) Site, updated categories, created content for the GMB listing and off-page content, fixed and optimized the location page, and started creating off-page signals, citations, and building links. We kept at it with a strong pace, and at month 5, we achieved strong results, which we go through below.

  • Fix Technical SEO issues
  • Content Creation & Keyword Selection
  • Internal Linking
  • GMB Optimization
  • Reputation, Link Building & Citations

Local Results

After completing 5 months of the High Competition Niche SEO, GeoGrids with very minimal visibility had secured map pack positions in the majority of the grids. You can see the baseline and update GeoGrids below for 5 different keywords. We have blurred out some of the information to protect the client’s identity.

  • Connect with pre-qualified customers
  • Increased Rankings For Focus Keywords
  • Increase Calls From Local Listing
  • Increase radius of customers