Dentist SEO

People search for a local dentist every day.  Using SEO for dentist offices, we can increase your local rankings to drive more patients.  Guaranteed.

SEO For Dentists

Our Dentist SEO Process

Here is the process we take to ensure our dental clients are successful. Guaranteed

Discover Opportunities

Where your roofing website and SEO stands today is the starting point.  We audit every aspect of not only your practice, but also your competitors.

  • Technical Audit: Reviews the backend of the website for SEO.
  • Content Audit: Review your content for quality and keyword density.
  • Backlink Audit: Review the backlinks to your site for spam and value.
  • Competitive Audit: Review what is making other firms rank number one.

Discover Opportunities


Once we identify where the site stands today, we build out the plan to get your site ranked number one.  We also front load this process to get the quickest result possible.

  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Website Speed Optimization


On-site Optimization

For the fastest results possible, on-page SEO changes must be done quickly.  Within the first month, we implement the following changes as needed.

  • Meta Changes (Title Tags, H Tags, and Description Tags)
  • Page Load Speed
  • Keyword Usage Changes
  • Internal Linking and Silo Structure.

On-site Optimization

Content Marketing

Promoting your dental practice means the your website shows up when potential patients ask questions around your practice.   We do this through the website’s blog.

  • Content Ideation (What are your people searching for?)
  • Professional Content Writing
  • Content is optimized and uploaded to the site
  • Use content for link building opportunities.

Content Marketing

Analysis and Reporting

Reporting is provided monthly to show wins and losses.  Yes, we provide both.  We also use these reports to update our strategy to ensure success for your dental firm.

  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Organic Traffic
  • Conversions (Forms and Calls)
  • Overall Website Growth

Analysis and Reporting

Making sure that your dental practice has a steady stream of patients isn’t always easy. 

Indeed, in the current incredibly competitive climate it can be tough to ensure that enough patients choose your practice rather than those you are in direct competition with to make sure that it is profitable. 


The good news is that specialist dental SEO can make all the difference, by increasing your chances of getting found online. Read on to find out how. 

Drive Traffic and Leads to Your Website

SEO in the Dental Niche Requires Many Components

For many dentist, SEO is about keyword rankings, but its more than than. When we take on a
SEO for dentist client, we focus on rankings that increase conversions. This means we focus on the following

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Expert Team That Only Work With Dental Practices
  • Review Site Conversion Rate
  • Answer Top Questions For Potential Patients

Free SEO Audit

    What is SEO for dentists?


    SEO for Dentists is a way of maximizing the ranking of a dental practice’s website in search engine results. Those that offer SEO for dentists focus specifically on boosting the ranking for dental practices and so have important insight into the current trends, and user needs so can help make your practices SEO as effective as possible and increase the number of patients you attract. 


    Benefits of  SEO For Dentists


    Ensuring your dental practice has a steady flow of patients is one of the key concerns for dental professionals. The good news is that specialist dental SEO can help you do this. 

    This is because without quality SEO prospective patients will not be able to find your site online. Something that means their business will go to your competitors. Prospective patients need to be able to easily and quickly find your practice’s website online because Google or one of the other popular search engines like Bing is the first place people look to find dental services. 


    Indeed, by ranking highly in the search engine results pages, you will not only increase your patient count. It will also help you build trust and authority, demonstrating you are one of the leading practices in your areas, something that can help convince patients to work with you rather than your competitors, making it a vital part of your practice’s success. 


    Local SEO and your dental practice 


    If SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s rank in the search results, then local SEO is the process of getting your business to rank in the local search results such as on Google Maps. Local SEO is crucial for dental practices because most of your patients will come from the surrounding geographical location. That means they will be searching online for dentists near them, and so to maximize the number of patients you get, you will want to rank high in this search. 


    How Google My Business can boost your dental practice’s local SEO


    The good news is there is a particularly effective way of boosting your practice’s local SEO, and it includes signing up for a  Google My Business (GMB) listing. Using Google My Business means that when patients search for dentists in their area online your practice’s info will show up in the Places and Maps search. 


    This is very important because it provides another way that your business can be found by potential clients online. One that is linked to the location the search is performed in, and so can help attract leads that are more likely to be patients. 


    Of course, just like with regular SEO, you’ll need to optimize your Google My Business listing if you want it to rank highly. Fortunately, you can find out how to do this below. 


    What information do you need to add to your dental Google My Business (GMB) listing?


    Your Google My Business listing is a short summary of your dental practice’s critical information. You’ll want potential patients to be able to see all the most important info about your business at a glance, so this means including: 


    The hours that tour practice is open 


    Potential patients will want to see that you offer appointments that fit with their schedules. Make sure to state you offer late-night or weekend appointments here. 


    Contact phone number, and email address, as well as location address 

    All your practice’s contact details will be essential, as it allows patients to connect to you easily and book an appointment. 

    Practice images 


    GMB listings with images are much more popular than those without. Use professional images that bit your brand. 


    Critical links – for example to your website 


    You’ll want to link to your website and this will help boost SEO, and provide a next step for patients that want to do further research into your services. 


    Patient reviews 


    One of the great things about GMB is that it includes easy-to-see star ratings. You can even see these in the places Google results which help patients to make an informed choice. Then once they click through to the Maps listing more detailed written reviews can be seen

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