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Increasing your local law firms SEO can generate new cases every day.  Learn how we can help you with your legal SEO to generate leads with guaranteed results.

Legal SEO

Our Legal SEO Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your law firm gets the results you need. Guaranteed

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Where your firm’s website and SEO stands today is the starting point.  We audit every aspect of not only your practice, but also your competitors.

  • Technical Audit: Reviews the backend of the website for SEO.
  • Content Audit: Review your content for quality and keyword density.
  • Backlink Audit: Review the backlinks to your site for spam and value.
  • Competitive Audit: Review what is making other firms rank number one.

Discover Opportunities


Once we identify where the site stands today, we build out the plan to get your site ranked number one.  We also front load this process to get the quickest result possible.

  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Website Speed Optimization


On-site Optimization

For the fastest results possible, on-page SEO changes must be done quickly.  Within the first month, we implement the following changes as needed.

  • Meta Changes (Title Tags, H Tags, and Description Tags)
  • Page Load Speed
  • Keyword Usage Changes
  • Internal Linking and Silo Structure.

On-site Optimization

Content Marketing

A large part of legal SEO is developing professional content that answers a lot of questions your potential clients search for.  We do this through the website’s blog.

  • Content Ideation (What are your people searching for?)
  • Professional Content Writing
  • Content is optimized and uploaded to the site
  • Use content for link building opportunities.

Content Marketing

Analysis and Reporting

Reporting is provided monthly to show wins and losses.  Yes, we provide both.  We also use these reports to update our strategy to ensure success for your law firm.

  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Organic Traffic
  • Conversions (Forms and Calls)
  • Overall Website Growth

Analysis and Reporting

Like other firms, lawyers depend on SEO to win new leads and clients. Customers search online using various keywords for professionals who can assist them in legal matters. 


Unfortunately, many law firms don’t understand the value of SEO in today’s marketplace. They believe old-fashioned techniques like word-of-mouth marketing will help them build consistent revenues. But that’s not always the case. 


Lawyer SEO is a diverse set of tools designed to help legal professionals stand out from their rivals online. It includes all the usual SEO techniques like link-building and technical SEO, plus individualized content specific to law firms. 

The goal of law firm SEO services is to help your enterprise attract leads in your local area. You can target businesses and individuals searching for talented professionals nearby. 


What’s great about local SEO for lawyers is that it lets you focus your budget on those most likely to buy from you. Therefore, you avoid spending money trying to reach customers on the other side of the country who can’t benefit from your services. 

Drive Traffic and Leads to Your Website

Get in front of your potential clients when they need you most!

Legal SEO Agencies know exactly how to get your firm ranking for the things that matter. If an agency doesn't understand the legal niche, they could drive traffic that doesn't convert. We focus on driving traffic that matters.

  • Drive Relevant Traffic
  • Provide Answers To Their Questions
  • Get Results – Guaranteed
  • Become The Expert In Your Area

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    What Does Lawyer SEO Include?


    When done correctly, SEO can work just as well for lawyers as any other professional. Many firms find that customer numbers increase dramatically over time when partnering with us. 


    There are no foolproof SEO plans that will work in every circumstance. However, law firms can deploy multiple approaches to increase their chances of achieving better organic search visibility for their chosen keywords. 


    Content Marketing


    Content marketing sits at the center of any SEO plan. It’s what holds everything together and helps drive traffic to your site. 


    Legal and paralegal content can be more than plain text. It may also include images, videos, infographics, and interactive elements. When created professionally, these elements can drive traffic to your site, giving Google additional reasons to rank your pages higher. 


    Technical SEO


    Lawyer SEO also includes so-called “technical SEO,” a service that improves your pages’ backend to make them more appealing, visible, and crawlable to Google. Techniques include optimizing images, identifying crawl errors, checking HTTPS status codes, checking XML sitemap status, improving site load time, and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly. As the name suggests, it is technical, which is why legal firms leave the job to professionals. 


    Link-Building And Off-Page Citations


    Lastly, lawyer SEO also includes link-building and off-page citations. Building backlinks is critical because it tells Google that other sites value your content. The more links you can acquire from reputable websites, the higher you will rank in search results. 


    Off-page citations are particularly valuable for local SEO. These are mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number on websites that aren’t yours. A quality law firm SEO company will distribute this information across multiple directories and ensure it is consistent. 


    Why Is Local SEO Important For Lawyers?


    Law firms looking to grow their businesses organically should consider local SEO. That’s because it gives you more opportunities to reach clients who might not be available via traditional channels. 


    Today, more than 38 percent of customers find lawyers online. That means there is a significant opportunity to market to prospects on this channel. One case study found that lawyer SEO could increase website traffic by a whopping 334 percent, generating more than $50,300 in value on a tiny $1,000 monthly budget. 


    Local SEO is also critical for lawyers because it lets them target audiences in their local areas. They can attract leads close by instead of people on the other side of the country. 


    Additional benefits of choosing local SEO for law firms include: 


    1. Improving your firm’s standing in its current niche by improving content and information on your webpages
    2. Attracting high-quality traffic willing and able to pay the rates you require for your services
    3. Automating lead generation, reducing the amount of manual work necessary to find new business
    4. Getting more calls and inquiries via local listings, directories, and your Google Business Profile
    5. Outranking the competition for critical keywords in your niche in the local area and nationwide
    6. Converting existing organic traffic into leads by encouraging form-filling and phone calls
    7. Reaching out to clients to ask them for positive reviews
    8. Generate natural backlinks and traffic through your blog


    Ultimately, personal injury lawyer SEO is a great marketing tool your business can use to boost website traffic and get more qualified leads. Furthermore, it solidifies you as an authority in your niche, helping you get ahead of your competitors.

    Practices We Serve With Legal SEO

    Each type of legal practice is different. We have experience with providing results to the following legal practices.

    Personal Injury Legal SEO

    The goal of personal injury lawyer SEO is to drive high-quality traffic to a law firm’s website, and ultimately convert that traffic into clients. It is a crucial aspect of any successful online marketing strategy for personal injury lawyers, as it can help increase brand awareness, establish credibility, and generate leads.

    Divorce Attorney SEO

    SEO for divorce attorneys differs from other legal SEO.  Divorce lawyers need to build out a TON of information about divorce in their state as clients don’t simply hire a lawyer.  Many times, there is a lot of question searching prior hiring a divorce attorney.  Our job is to ensure your firm answers their questions to build trust with the customer.

    Criminal Lawyer SEO

    Criminal defense attorneys serve a very important part of the legal process in the U.S. Our defense lawyer SEO services will rank your firms website in the top 3 when defendants, or their family, searches for help near them.  We also build out content that helps defendants and their families get answers on local questions.

    Other Legal Services

    Our firm has helped legal firms who practice tax law, bankruptcy law, workers compensation, and many more.  The key is that we can rank your firms website in the top 3 position when people search for your services.  Guaranteed.

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