We Specialize in Guaranteed SEO Results For Niche Companies

We Deliver Results or You Get A Refund.  That Simple!

Our Specialized SEO Approach Is Why we OfferGuaranteed SEO Rankings

Check out our process that allows us to guarantee SEO results.

Website Design And Development

If you do not have a website, yet, we can help you or refer you to some partners that offer great website development services for cheap.

Website Design And Development

SEO Audits

To identify how we can best help our clients and offer our money back guarantee on SEO services, we need to understand where the site is TODAY.  To do this, we audit the website for;

  1. On-Page Technical SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Content
  4. Local GMB Audit
  5. Keyword Selection Audit

These audits give our SEO team and idea of where the site stands so we can make the biggest impact in the least amount of time. This is how we offer our “First Page Guaranteed SEO”.

SEO Audits


Post audit, we focus on the most impactful changes on-page and off-page to drive results.  As our firm has to refund you if we don’t get the results, we focus heavily on the first months implementation as this change takes time to show results, but is the the best and safest way to see results in SEO.

Implementation can take up to 45 days depending on the complexity needed. This includes:

  1. On-Page Technical SEO Changes
  2. Backlink Replacement
  3. Anchor Text Optimization
  4. GMB Optimization
  5. Citation Building
  6. Link Building


Research and Tracking

Tracking the results and researching competition is what makes our clients so successful and allows us to offer guaranteed SEO results.

We track keyword rankings, impressions in search, clicks from Google, clicks from the client’s business listing on google, phone call from this listing, and much more!

This is the only way to track what is working and what isn’t working so we can scale the winners and deliver the results our clients have come to expect from our SEO agency.

Research and Tracking


We take all the data gathered from our audits, reviewing analytics, and my business listing data to see where our clients are winning and losing.  We then scale the winners, and spend hours identifying why the losers didn’t work.

We then modify our strategy to ensure we are doing everything we can to increase rankings for our guaranteed SEO clients.


Pricing and Guaranteed SEO

Pricing for our SEO clients is based on the amount of work we estimate is needed to be successful.  Our minimum monthly SEO cost is $1,000/month.  Our terms vary from 3, 6, and 12 month terms.  This is determined based on the difficulty of the keywords selected by the client.

Our SEO results guarantee is simple.  We agree, in writing, that we will achieve the rankings discussed in the timeframe agreed upon.  If we do not achieve the desired rankings within the timeline we guaranteed, we refund the client 70% of the cost.

Want a pay for performance model? We offer this as well.  This model will cost more in the long-term but has virtually zero risk.  Contact us today to discuss how this model of guaranteed SEO works and the pricing for this service.

Pricing and Guaranteed SEO

We Provide Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Results

With over 20 years of experience in SEO, our SEO agency is confident in our abilities. So much so that we put our money where our mouth is.

Why is Search So Important

74% of purchases in 2023, start online. This means people are searching for your product or service. Ranking in the top 3 means traffic, which means customers. What does ranking in the first page mean? Simple....Traffic. The first page of Google gets over 90% of the clicks while only 9% of people scroll to the second page. Being on the first page matters and being number gets over 28% of the clicks.

  • Connect with qualified customers
  • Increase Sales/Leads
  • Increased Brand Visibility
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Google Ranking CTR - Guaranteed SEO

Our Pricing Is Simple

Based on the keywords you choose and the difficulty of these terms, we can price out three options. First, monthly SEO. Second, guaranteed SEO results. Third, pay for performance SEO. Below is an example of pricing for a local service industry business in all three categories of SEO pricing.

Standard SEO Pricing

$1,499 /mo
  • Standard Monthly Pricing - No Guarantee.
  • Complete Audits (on-page, off-page, Content, Competitor)
  • Monthly Blog Writing
  • On-Page Technical Changes
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local My Business Optimization
  • Citation Building
Choose Basic

Pay For Performance SEO

$3,999 /mo
  • Once Targeted Set of Keyword Ranks on The First Page. Client Pays a Lump Sum of Monthly cost X Number of Months to Get Result. In this Case, $3,999 X 3 = $11,997.
  • Complete Audits (on-page, off-page, Content, Competitor)
  • Monthly Blog Writing
  • On-Page Technical Changes
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local My Business Optimization
  • Citation Building
Choose Professional

Pay Per Keyword

$Let's Talk
  • Only Pay For Keyword Rankings
  • Select Your Keywords
  • White-Hat SEO Techniques
  • Test Out New Keywords
  • Try Us Before You Invest Monthly
  • Blog Content Included
  • Local Businesses Only
  • Best For Professional Services
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